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We are a Commercial-Residential Construction Company and Restoration Specialist. Our company has been in the construction business for more than 14 years now and still counting.


Our company has built many modern and high end buildings for well established architects in the Greater Boston area. Our services include General contracting services, commercial ventures and rehabilitation of distressed properties.


rehabilitation of distressed properties. It is our goal to modernize the construction industry, thus we use modern technologies and materials. We pride ourselves on current materials and green technologies and incorporate design as one of our concerns.


We also provide world class amenities like new homes, additions, porches, dormers, kitchen, bath, full basement remodels “man caves”, roofing, siding, paint, plumbing, heating, electrical and more. We can also provide round the clock security surveillance with web access cameras.

Projects: AC General Contracting Inc.

New house or an addition

Whether a new house or an addition to your current home, engage our services with peace of mind. All construction is performed by our skilled workers. Work is done well and on time.

Organization and Honesty

We provide site cleaning, organization and honesty from start to finish. Honesty isn’t simply the best policy—it’s the only way to build a successful organization. A culture of honesty results in more than merely “happy” workplaces, and a deep-seated respect and expectation for honesty makes companies more successful and more profitable.

We pay attention to every part of your drawings

We pay attention to every part of your drawings, so that even the minutest details may be done precisely and with minimum waste. Experience means completing a job accurately, safely and on time. Whether a one-time upgrade, or ongoing maintenance, we work with you to ensure that the project will be done up to code and in harmony with the tenants. On site cleaning, organization and safety are vital to the process.

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